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ACT seeks to build partnerships by providing opportunities for collaborations that result in benefits for all and enable our farming families to build their communities. 

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actg operational structure

Coffee from farmer-groups is consolidated at affiliate dry mills for processing and eventual export to markets.

Farmers’ groups are registered as Common Initiative Groups (CIGs)– Hilltop Farmers Direct CIG, presently 4 CIGs and 1 union, Hilltop Farmers Direct Union of CIGs.

ACT’s operation in Cameroon is structured to facilitate the supply of the best quality coffee for any of the market channels ACT serves. Farmers are organized into small village groups.

ACT has initiated the construction of micro mills, designed to be close to farms to provide support and supervision of contributing farmers. Presently 3 such micro mills are operational.

what makes
us different?

grown in the richest
soil the earth can offer

Our farmer-partners grow their coffee in the nutrient-rich, dark volcanic top soil of the highlands of western Cameroon. The daily doses of rainfall and sunshine along with the dedication and expertise of our farmers contribute to produce the rich, full bodied Arabica coffee known worldwide as Cameroon Boyo™ Arabica Coffee. 

All of our ingredients are
Ethically sourced

Cameroon Boyo™ coffee is grown exclusively in small-holder family farms with over 200 farming families contributing. From the planting of the seeds to the full maturity of the trees, our farmers apply techniques handed down over many generations to tend their coffee in a natural and eco-friendly manner. Only the optimally ripe coffee cherries are harvested, farmer-processed, hand-picked and sorted.

We’re here to break
Industry barriers

We like to ensure that Cameroon Boyo™ coffee remains completely free of chemical pollutants. Once Cameroon Boyo™ coffee arrives in the United States, we insist on controlled roasting and protective packaging to ensure that all the goodness, flavor and freshness is conserved for your enjoyment. This process while slow and seemingly cumbersome, allows us to offer a superior product that is free of contaminants, full of human love and saturated with vigor and great taste. 

There’s nothing bigger
Than community

Thanks to the African Coffee Trading Group’s collaborative trade business model, these carefully selected beans remain farmer-owned along our supply chain; the attention to details and quality places Cameroon Boyo™ coffee in the premium specialty coffee class; the work of skilled farmers, Cameroon Boyo™ coffee is never traded as a commodity. 

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“We bring coffee to
market in partnership
with our farmers”

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