From our collaborating partners’ warehouses and leveraging partners’ infrastructure, ACT can offer:

Private label roasted coffee to institutions

Retail packaged assortment for direct sale to consumers or to retail

Wholesale bulk and packaged branded roasted coffee

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General Coffee Offerings

Three categories of Arabica coffee are available for export:

Specialty village micro lots:

these are lots of 100 kg to 1,000 kg, supplied by an organized group of farmers or by an individual farm, traceable to the supplying farmer(s)

Curated village blends for bigger volume exports:

these lots are
intended for container-load shipments from 10 MT per order; they represent coffee from a specific region

Quality bulk lots:

for multi-container markets; when regular monthly shipments are required, the anticipated annual volume is blended from multiple suppliers during the collection season; typically 100
MT and more per year

Robusta coffee is more abundant and offers can be customized for
any market demand

Export packaging

Arabica coffee:

separated by screen sizes 17/18/19; 16/17; 15/16
and peaberry; in 60 kg food-grade plastic-lined jute sacks; 300 to 320 sacks per 20 ft sea container

Robusta coffee:

separated by screen sizes GG, G1, G2, G3 in food
grade jute sacks of 60 kg; 300 sacks per 20 ft sea container

Delivery & Pricing

We offer the following delivery options:

  • Ex-warehouse: for customers with local export representatives
  • FOB: for container-load customers upon approval of pre-shipment samples by customers
  • SPOT: ACT ships out allotments of coffee to its partner warehouses in the North America, Europe and Asia from where local orders may be placed and collected


  • Prices are set at the time a firm order of coffee is placed.
  • Cost of coffee preparation to ACT quality standards form the basis of price construction for each market need.

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